One World Solutions
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About Us 

We created this company back in 2007 when we were just trying to come up with original solutions for the craziest requests for our clients. Started as a small copy center and ended up becoming one of the biggest print shops in the city. Now we can provide you with a wide range of services: 

- Standard prints: A4/A3, posters, sketchbooks, brochures, calendars, books, business cards, CD/DVD covers, letterhead paper, badges, stickers, greeting cards, flyers, digital photos, invitations, custom envelopes, magazines, custom bags etc.

- Indoor/Outdoor prints: stickers, banners, textiles, etc - CD/DVD/Card print, plus CD/DVD packing 

- Display systems: roll-ups, X banner, pop-ups, A-board signs, brochures support desk, polystyrene letters, business cards supports, menu holder, info board, neon display, display wall, custom furniture, brochures wall support etc 

- Promotional materials: notebooks, adhesive tapes, personalized mugs, custom mouse pads/pens/lighters/memory sticks/T-shirts etc

// Ресайз iframe-а фримиум баннера